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Think Global, Be Global.

This book is all about the unforeseen instances and circumstances that will arise when you decide to enter the lifestyle of a global citizen. It will provide you with everything you need to know about what it takes to relocate internationally, from setting goals, dealing with family, to embracing the cultural difference you’re bound to experience in your new home.

Coupling the fundamental necessities of relocating abroad with real life experiences, this book will help guide and encourage you through the relocation process. Moving can be challenging, but being prepared by leveraging the content of this book, will make everything much easier.

There are eleven chapters that will provide you with the roadmap to help transition yourself into living the life of a global citizen and will give those closest to you a glimpse of what to expect, both the good and the bad, when living abroad.

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About The Author

Global Citizen since 2011


Allison Zucco embarked on a financial career in New York City, with an international bank that recognized her business savvy, coupled with her gregarious people skills. She was transferred to Singapore, and her love affair with the world began.

Upon first moving to Singapore she instantly began to associate herself as being a Global Citizen. This was back in 2011, so if you do the math, her experience abroad can easily be justified. After several years in Singapore she made a bold move to Bengaluru, India, where she lived for 2 years, helping to build and manage a team for the company she was working with.

Her journeys leading up to How to Become a Global Citizen provided a kaleidoscope of experiences she was able to draw on, and clearly shows her passion of travel and living in the global community. She currently resides in London, with her beloved dog, Loki, a Chinese pug that was bred in India, and was named after the Norwegian god of mischief. Now, that’s international!

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Learn My Secret

My motto is Travel for Experience and Live to Learn. T.E.L.L. Global. I am constantly traveling and gaining experience, but more importantly I am constantly striving to learn more and educate myself.

This book has been 6+ years in the making without me even knowing it and I’ve learned a tremendous amount on the road to getting it published.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned with getting this book published and getting a business up and running is that sometimes you really can’t do it alone.

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I know that choosing which book you are going to read next is a tough choice, so I want to help make the decision for you by providing you a FREE preview of the book.

This preview will include a complete version of the first 3 chapters.

But it doesn’t end there, for those people who are considering moving or about to move themselves we will also include a comprehensive travel checklist condensing everything you need into one document.

To round everything out, we’ll also be providing you with a copy of my House Hold Goods moving inventor, which is something I have used to help keep my things catalogued and organized during my moves.

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  • "Allison is an excellent example of a global citizen. Her experiences during her time abroad are incredible to hear about and I am excited that she has taken the time to write such a book that can help serve as a guide for people interested in moving abroad.”

    Jocelyn Pollak, Co-owner of TEFLPros.com
  • “I always knew it would only be a matter of time before Allison started getting her adventures written down for others to read. There is so much invaluable knowledge that can be gained from her experience, and I can’t wait to see what she delivers to us next.”

    Melissa Dulac, Budget Analyst Office of the US Secretary of Defence
  • “As someone who has also lived abroad, I can resonate with everything Allison covers in this book. Especially her thoughts and discussions on meeting people really hit home. For me, the people you meet, are one of the best part of living abroad. Allison certainly speaks from a wealth of experience in this chapter.”

    Jono Carroll-Goldin, Head of Marketing at P&G – Healthcare Northern Europe
  • “Of all the people to write a book on relocating abroad, Allison is by far the best candidate for the job. I have known Allison for a long time and can say without a doubt in my mind that she is an expert when it comes to relocating and getting settled. Not many people can accomplish what she has achieved during her time abroad.”

    Chiara Adin, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of NA Collective

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